By Khalid Iqbal – Founder Rahmaa Institute

Marriage Counseling

Marriage is bliss and should stay that way. Because of the social, cultural, economic and other challenges sometimes, it ends up in dispute and conflicts that the families and couples find difficult to handle. Family dysfunction often leads to domestic violence and divorce, which take a tremendous emotional and economic toll on the couple, children and other family members. Family counseling and advice from an experienced counselor often help the couple look at the issues from a mindset of resolution instead of escalation.

I am incredibly optimistic that Insha Allah if not all; a majority of the relationships can be mended when both parties have the intention and with some help from an experienced counselor are willing to work on the issues sincerely. My experience is that the couples who have gone through pre-marital counseling have a greater chance of handling any situation more amicably than those who have not. I strongly recommend young people, who are thinking or planning on marriage, seek pre-marital counseling through a good experienced counselor. The tools given during the sessions will help prepare couples better for the challenges, trials and tribulations of married life.

Marriage and Family Counseling

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