American Muslim Marital Quality by Aliya R. Chapman

Following is the abstract of a study that was done at George Mason University on the request of ADAMS Center VA. I was involved with this study that highlighted 5 areas of issues in Muslim Marriage. For complete paper that was published in the “Journal of Muslim Mental Health” please click on the hyper link

American Muslim Marital Health: A preliminary investigation, by Aliya R Chapman & Lauren B. Cattaneo, George Mason University

Authors’ Note
We are indebted to Mr. Khalid Iqbal for his enthusiasm, his assistance in the compilation
of this survey, and for facilitating the recruitment of participants. We also
thank Ms. Salma Abugideiri and Dr. Jon Mohr, who provided helpful advice on
survey construction, and the leaders of the Muslim community organizations who
emailed the survey to their communities.
Correspondence concerning this article should be sent to Dr. Lauren Cattaneo, Department
of Psychology, 4400 University Drive, MSN 3F5, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
E- mail:
This paper describes the results of an exploratory investigation into American
Muslims’ marital quality. Respondents were 296 young, well- educated, long- term
North American residents, most of whom lived near a major metropolitan hub.
They reported generally healthy and satisfying marriages, though women reported
lower marital quality than men. Marital problems most commonly included issues
1. In- laws,
2. Family or friends,
3. Finances,
4. Differing interests, and conflicting attitudes
5. Sex.

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