Testimonial 1 – Anger Management

May 27, 2015

“My husband and I have been married since August of 2013, but remained separated most of the time due to severe marital conflict. As most newlyweds do, we had typical adjustment issues as we tried learning to live with one another. However, our minor issues rapidly snowballed into serious, frightening fights. As we approached divorce, our families tried desperately to intervene and encouraged Islamic counseling from our local Imam. Unfortunately, due to underlying anger issues our struggles remained unresolved. Just before we finalized divorce, Allah blessed us with the help of Brother Khalid through Rahmaa Institute. With tears in my eyes, I am humbled to say that the endless support my husband and I have received is worth more than words can describe. Today, I am half of a beautiful, blessed marriage and my husband is the other- the more beautiful half. Since I began counseling and my husband began Anger Management courses with Rahmaa, I have not been a victim of uncontrollable rage. I have learned healthy ways to support, care and provide tenderness to my husband and he has learned how to cope with and even prevent himself from becoming angry. Br. Khalid has taught us the importance of both the man and the woman to one another in marriage and he used a perfect balance of counseling techniques and Islamic teachings together in his approach. Unlike other professionals I’ve reached out to, Br. Khalid is always very prompt in responding- always keeping my hope alive. May Allah bless Br. Khalid, as well as all the individuals at Rahmaa who dedicate their lives to helping others strengthen bonds, cope with difficulty and manage anger.”

L. A. & A. M.

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