IT IS SAD BUT IT HAPPENS – It has ruined so many, some for life

By: Khalid Iqbal, Founder Rahmaa Institute

There is a saying in Urdu language “Kamaan Sey nikla howa teer kabhi wapas nahin a skata”. Once an arrow leaves the bow it can never be recalled back. It is the same with the Internet. What is put on it will stay somewhere in the cyber space forever and ever. There are many benefits of the information, articles, pictures, videos that individuals put on their web pages, Facebook, YouTube, and hundreds of other applications but if the wrong information, articles, pictures or videos are put on the internet you lose control as soon as you press “enter”.

An ever-increasing number of cases have come to us in which the husbands or boyfriends (Sad to say that pre marriage relationship and fornication between unmarried boys and girls seem to be on the rise in many parts of the Muslim world) videotaped their wives or girlfriends in shameful unwanted sexual positions and acts. Built in video camera in the cell phones and other electronic devices have made this so easy. The girls in the movies probably fail to realize that it is only them who are portrayed in majority of the movies. Once put on the Internet, it is picked up by the porn websites and marketed for their advantage.

The issue comes out in the open when there is a marital dispute or the promise to marry does not materialize and then there is that threat of exposure that will ruin her future by spreading the video location (URL) to others.

Of course it is wrong to get into such act in the first place and then have the audacity to publish it on the Internet, but this article is not meant to discuss the religious ruling or the morality of the issue which is clearly wrong in every respect. This article was written to warn our sisters that if your husband or any other person ask you to video tape such act that is only allowed between husband and wife in the secrecy of their home, refuse. Say NO. The only purpose of such videotaping is to eventually brag about it among their friends by showing it to them and then once put on the Internet there may not be a limit where it might end up and who will watch it.

Please do not let a mistake like this have a devastating effect on you for the rest of your life.

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