What Motivates an Individual to Anger?

by: Khalid Iqbal Founder Rahmaa Institute

This is an example of the Exercises we do in the “Domestic Violence Prevention and Anger Management” course at Rahmaa Institute. For more info or to register for the course contact Rahmaa.institute@gmail.com

3. The list below describe some of the main reasons that motivate an individual to anger. Please identify what you think are your reasons for being angry, and discuss in the group or with your instructor / counselor.
Activity time: 30 – 40 minutes

_____ Low self-esteem: “I am the victim”, “What else could I do?”

_____ Pride: “I come from…….” (your zaat, country, village, status or anything that may make you feel superior), “I am better”,

_____ Selfishness: “I own it.” “I deserve it” “I know what is right”

_____ Stubbornness: “My way or no way”

_____ Polarized thinking: “Extreme thinking” taking position contrary to others”

_____ Ego-centralizing: “How can this be?”, “I know this won’t work”, “I know more”

_____ Mocking other’s point of view: “This is a stupid idea”

_____ Depression, paranoia: “Why is everyone on my case and making me feel bad”

_____ Wrong imagination (mental processing): misreading other’s intentions, prejudice against others socially, visually or emotionally “White against black” “Arab against Ajami” etc.

_____ Greed: “It is mine”, “Why should I share” “I must protect my ……….”

_____ Love of duniya (materialism): “I want a bigger house”, “better car”

_____ Past family history of temperament, Abusive and dysfunctional home: “It was a normal practice when I was growing up”.

_____ Past negative experiences: “It is my right to take revenge”, “It is my turn to get even”

____ and other such vices ____________________________________________

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