Rahmaa Launches new “Domestic Violence Prevention and Anger Management Course”

After a successful pilot run on a number of individuals and families in curing their anger issue, Rahmaa Institute is launching a 16 week course on “Domestic Violence Prevention and Anger management”. The course was developed after intensive research and testing for over three years. Below are some of the unique features of the course:
• Based on the teachings of Quran and Sunnah and the stories form the companions of our Prophet Mohammad SWS.
• One on one with the instructor that give the individual privacy and dignity
• Internet based using Skype Video conferencing so can be taken from anywhere in the world in the privacy of their own choice of location
• Tailored to the needs of the individuals based on the issues they are facing
• “Domestic violence and anger management” is covered from a variety of diverse aspects that empower our students with techniques to overcome their anger issues
• Brings out the issues and deals with them in a healthy and respectful way
• Forces our student to think “out of the box” when dealing with life issues

Some of the topics dealt with in this course are:
– Domestic violence Statistics
– Descriptions of the type of abuse
– Islamic concept of anger as per Quran, Our understanding and application in our daily life
– The Anger Ladder and self reflections
– Who is in control? Who should be in control?
– Children the silent victims of domestic violence
– Communication, Different types and styles
– Understanding the cycle of violence
– Negative thoughts to cool thoughts
– 11 steps process as taught by the Quran and Sunnah
– 20 principles of life to follow

Results of the Test Run
The course was tested for over a year and Alahmdullilah the results on those who fear Allah are amazing only because of the barakah (blessings) and the power of the Quran and the teachings of Rasool Allah SWS.
The success comes when one believes in the Quran and has the desire to change their situation, we provide the tools and our students bring their motivation and desire. That is what make this course a success

Cost for individual: $500 (Special introductory offer) that must be paid up front.
Request could be made to pay in the following installments
– 1st installment $250 must be paid up front before the start
– 2nd installment $150 paid before the fifth session
– 3rd installment $100 paid before the tenth session

Cost for husband and wife taking the course together: $950
Installments pay will be 1st installment $550, 2nd installment $200, 3rd installment $200 in the time frame mentioned above.


Testimonial #1
The court ordered both of us to seek marriage counseling, and I was additionally required to seek anger management and domestic violence prevention training. Since both of us are professionals and lead a very busy life it was difficult to find someone who could be available on weekends and evenings, until we found Rahmaa Institute. We did over 20 sessions with Br. Khalid and are finding changes in our approach to handle difficult issues within our marriage. He has deep understanding of life challenges and has a way of explaining them in a beautiful and respectful way from the teachings of the Quran and examples from the life of Prophet Mohammad. I would recommend him to anyone facing marriage and family issues, especially their “Domestic Violence Prevention and Anger Management course”.
T. A. & S.A.

Testimonial #2
Thank you for all the sincere efforts and support. Alhamdulillah, all the good advice’s and wisdom that I have gained from you will always be a part of my life. It was through your help that I was able to express my deepest worries and concerns to you. You helped me find real ways to deal with problems in life. You made me learn so much about myself, who I am and what I deserve in life. Your guidance during this time in life has truly made all the difference and I am so appreciative of your help.

“God give me the serenity to change the luck I can change, the courage to accept the fate I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference between the two”

Testimonial #3
I was very skeptical in taking the Anger course. I thought no one will be able to resolve my issues. My anger and violence was out of control. I knew I had to do something but was not sure what or how? Right from the beginning I could tell that the Quran was having a positive impact on me. My outlook towards my relationship with my family changed. We were separated and came back together. We still struggle at times but I keep on going back to my notes or call Br Khalid for advice. He is always there to help.

My advice to those taking the course is to keep in mind that it is all in your mindset. If you are determined to make a change Allah will help you become the good person that you want to be. Never give up. In the beginning I thought of quitting so many times, but I was encouraged by Br. Khalid positive approach. Now my wife feel I am back to the person that she knew when we were first married. Stay determined and the change will come. I wish you guys’ good luck

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