Tips to Choose a Marriage Counselor

By Khalid Iqbal – Founder Rahmaa Institute

The best time to think about selecting a marriage therapist or counselor is when you are in a good and happy relationship with your spouse, and with whom both parties will feel comfortable with. The process usually involves research, careful consideration and mutual agreement. The couple needs to feel in control of the process and view themselves just as they would, if they were purchasing a house or appliance.

One of the first steps in seeking counseling is to decide as a couple if you would prefer a male or female therapist or marriage counselor. This will narrow down the selection process and the couple can proceed from there.

Find out

– Counseling fees:  How much does each session run? How long is each session?

– It is ok to ask if there are any discounts or payment plans.

  • Are insurance reimbursements possible?
  • Inquire about the counselor’s training and experience.
  • Inquire if they understand your religious or cultural issues
  • What experience do they have in working with couples?
  • What type of therapeutic style do they employ? (read on for a description of therapeutic styles and modalities)
  • Ask about the therapist’s license: not all states mandate that therapists hold a license, and one can always confirm a license by contacting the State Board of Licensing and/or Certification for that field of practice. If the therapist does hold a license, make sure that license is up to date and that the therapist is not sanctioned in any way.
  • Inquire as to the counselor’s cancellation policies.

Both partners seeking marriage counseling need to feel comfortable with the counselor or therapist that they have selected. If one partner is reluctant to pursue therapy with a particular therapist, it is important that the couple find someone else.

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