Premarital Course Topics and Other Details

Posted January 2011

During in person counseling we adopt our program to cater to the needs of the couple planning to get married. Following are a few of the topics we cover during our 5 session 8 hour course. The course is interactive with role plays, case studies, exercises etc. to keep the participant motivated and active during the course.

1. What Quran and Sunnah say about happy marriage
2. Compatibility
3. Communications
4. Interpersonal Communication
5. Interests and Activities
6. Expectations
7. Personal Adjustment
8. Personalities and Families of Origin
9. Religion and Ethnicity
10. Family Issues
11. Finances
12. Long Term Goals
13. Children (and Parenting)
14. Intimacy and Sexuality
15. Conflict Resolution
16. Marriage Contract & Agreement

All sessions are held using Skype Video Conferencing. The sessions are held at mutually agreed times during weekday evenings or weekends. Each session is approximate an hour or more. The couple is required to do home assignment prior to each session. Recommended cost is $50 per session or $500 for the entire course.

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