Premarital Counseling Assignment & Exercises

Attached to this page are a number of exercises you are expected to complete prior of the session mentioned in the exercise. Following are the ones required and when are they expected:

Important Note:1. Please email back your individual take on each session separately after each one

2. Ask any question that you may have at any time  

Session 1 – Hadeeth and Ayats form the Quran. Please discuss them together and be ready to discuss on the first session  

Session 2 – Exercise 1 – Elements of a successful marriage. Answer all 5 questions and email back separately without discussing your answers with each other

Session 3 – Read and internalize among both your understanding of the verse 4:34 from surah Nisa 

Session 3 – Read and discuss among yourself Case study #1

and Case Study # 6                      prior to the session

Session 3 – Be prepared to discuss marital issues based on your personal, family or friends experience.

Session 4 – Read and internalize verses from Sura Luqman 31: 18-19 and from Suran As Shura 42: 37-43. Please be prepared for discussion

Session 4 – Please do out of the box 9 dots exercise (Do not look for solution on the internet). Also select one scenario and analyze and suggest solution

Session 4 – Be prepared to discuss finance, budgeting, decision making    

Session 5 – We will be discussing sexuality, marriage and Walima ceremony, Religious vs cultural expectations, Who? What? When? How?

 Session 5 – We will also be discussing prenuptial agreement

Please be prepared to ask any unanswered questions that may be in your mind



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