Everything You Need To Know About Premarital Counseling

You plan meticulously for your wedding day, but how prepared are you for your marriage?

By Khalid Iqbal, Founder of Rahmaa Institute

Posted: 3/20/2015

A man came to Rasool Allah SWS and informed him that he is planning to get married. The Prophet SWS asked him do you know her and does she know you? The man responded in negative. The prophet said get to know each other first. It only make sense to find out what is important to live a tranquil and happy life together. At Rahmaa Institute we strive to provide a platform that helps the boy and the girl to find important and relevant information about each other. What perspective, habits, and experience they have on important life issues.


According to a survey published in the Journal of Family Psychology, couples with premarital education reported higher levels of marital satisfaction and experienced a 30 percent decline in the likelihood of divorce over five years. A number of states in America are passing legislations recommendations or requirements for engaged couples to complete premarital counseling before they can legally marry.


Whereas many religious institutions offer comprehensive premarital counseling, Muslim institutions are just starting to develop and offer premarital counseling to engaged couples. Some are putting this as a condition before they are married under their names. A study conducted with George Mason University on “Marital health of Muslim Families”   https://www.rahmaa.org/resources/american-muslim-marital-quality-by-aliya-r-chapman/.show that the results are beneficial with more satisfaction and success in marriage.

Rahmaa Institute have developed a comprehensive 8 hour premarital course delivered in 5 or 6 sessions. All aspects of married life are discussed during the course starting from religious aspect of marriage to communications, trust, relationships, conflict resolution, finance, sexuality, marriage ceremony and prenuptial contract, just to name a few. (List of topics are available at https://www.rahmaa.org/counseling/pre-marital-counseling-2/premarital-course-topics-and-other-details/)

The program is made interesting through role plays, case studies, activities, Q & A, etc. Our counselors are trained to modify the program based on the need of the couple, e.g. we may include the topics like second marriage, children from past marriage, or second marriage of a divorce or widower into the program.

For more information and for booking a session please contact us at Rahmaa.Institute@gmail.com

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