Counseling couples on cross cultural issues

By: Khalid Iqbal Founder of Rahmaa Institute

Being situated in North America at Rahmaa Institute we deal with a number of cases that has cultural differences as part of the issues. This is an important issue so we especially spend time on talking about the topic of cross culture and interfaith marriage issues during premarital counseling course.
There is no cookie cutter solution to the issues of interfaith or inter culture. We understand that each client is unique and have their own individual and different needs or understandings. We take every case individually and carefully analyze the issues and deal with each case delicately. Starting with the background and history as to what brought them together, making them highlight the positives of their relationship. Once the couple is ready and comfortable to deal with the negativity of the relationship we ask them to carefully describe how it is impacting their situation and relationship without pointing finger at each other or their culture or family or any other individual but only discuss the issue(s) at hand.

When couples come to us for marriage counseling most times is a mix of many issues tangled together. We try help them sort the issues individually that can be prioritized to deal with.

Our goal is to help them in find a balance between the two cultures, leading to a suitable blend of the two and how best they can move towards a positive future for themselves and their family. We understand that it is easier said than done, often it take time for the client to move forward in positive directions. Especially those who approach us after they have tried many other options. We try to stay with them for as long as it may take to reach a workable solution. For us our clients are always in the driver seat in making their own decisions. We are always open to discuss any topic or issues weather it is religion, ethnicity, or other life issues. We try our best to ensure that all discussions are conducted in a mutually respectful environment with no prejudice or bias.

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