Case Study A2 Communication Breakdown

by: Khalid Iqbal, founder Rahmaa Institute

It was 9:30 am when Ahmed got a call from his aunt Karima that uncle Kamal was rushed to the hospital for severe chest pain and the doctors are going to perform open heart surgery. Ahmed was raised by his uncle Kamal and aunt Karima after the death of his parents at the age of 6. He love them so much.

Ahmed right away called his wife Sadia. It took a couple of tries for Sadia to pick the phone. She was still in bed sleeping. Ahmed asked Sadia to call aunt Karima as he felt being alone in the hospital she needed support. He also asked Sadia to plan to travel to be with is aunt. When Ahmed tried to give Sadia the number where she could reach his aunt in the hospital, Sadia responded that she is still sleeping and will get the phone number after she wakes up in a couple of hour.

Ahmed felt like slamming the phone on his wife.

Discussion questions:
1. Identify the issue.
2. Who is at fault? Ahmed or Sadia or something else?
3. What would you do in this situation?
4. Do you see a systematic problem? If yes, explain what and what you recommend to correct it?
5. How can Ahmed and Sadia improve their communication?
6. Identify other situations that may result in misunderstanding and communication breakdown

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