Our Work

Our goal is to pro-actively address family issues through research, individual and family outreach, consultation, education and skill development. We want to maximize the use of the Internet and develop interactive web-based courses in the fields of pre-marital counseling, domestic violence prevention, anger management, and parenting.

We conduct research on different aspects of the “Marital Health of the Muslim Family” in collaboration with universities and other research entities. Most of our courses and programs are based on the results of this work.

All courses that are being developed will have certain qualities and standards:
• Internet based
• Well researched
• Relevant to the audience
• Interactive
• Self-evaluating exercises for each individual to determine deficiencies and strengths
• Proactive in combating family dysfunction
• Preserves self-esteem and family honor
• Counselor intervention only when desired

We have the expertise and experience to create this revolutionary website that we believe will help hundreds of thousands of young adults in North America and millions throughout the world. Our pre-marital counseling course has received positive response from the Imams and family counselors in Virginia and Michigan. The results have been extremely positive and encouraging when the course was released to a group of target users.

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