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Rahmaa Institute is located in Michigan, US. It is governed by a three member board and is a nonprofit organization. It was formed with the objective of studying the family issues faced by Muslims living in North America through research and surveys, and to develop techniques and skills needed to overcome these issues to strengthen familial bonds. The goal is to use the Internet to reach out to the individuals and families in need with a proactive approach rather than being reactive.

Rahmaa Institute’s founder, Khalid Iqbal, has been providing family counseling and pre-marital counseling to Muslims and non-Muslims for the past 35 years. Recognizing the need of family development, he left his engineering field and dedicated himself to provide family education and marriage counseling. His passion is to break the culture of domestic violence among Muslims. He also wants to create an environment of being proactive in addressing family issues facing Muslim families.
His ultimate vision is to reduce family dysfunction and to lower divorce rates among Muslims in North America.
Khalid Iqbal has been married for 40 plus years and has 3 children and 10 grandchildren.

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